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Being happy, being a star – Dominic Miller presents his new album Ad Hoc and his forthcoming concert in Sofia

Spontaneous musical ideas form the backbone of Dominic Miller’s new album Ad Hoc. “Composition is very important, but interpretation is very important, too. I just wanted the musicians to feel not too confident and not too like they know that stuff too well – I wanted that sense of vulnerability. I wanted to document on tape all the ideas that came to me”, says the artist in a Jazz FM interview. Known around the world for his work wth as Sting, he admits that that gives “a bit of notoriety” in his work. Dominic Miller gave this interview a day before he celebrated his 54th birthday, telling our listeners that he feels young: “I’m looking for answers, I feel very curious about the world, I don’t feel like I’ve really arrived anywehere.” He will arrive in Bulgaria for yet another concert at the Sofia Live Club on 20th of May, performing with Rhani Krija, Nicolas Fiszman and Tony Ramey: “I’d like to celebrate all the music that we love, that we listen to and that we play with varous different people”, explains Dominic Miller. You can access this interview by Jazz FM’s Tanya Ivanova and Svetoslav Nikolov from the Audio button above.