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Celebrated film music composer Ludovic Bource: “With The Artist we were there to serve the seventh art”

Music is one of the main characters in The Artist – a film about the transition of silent to talking movies, about the intransience of love, about happiness. The power of its romanticism is pointed out by the composer of the soundtrack Ludovic Bource who gives strength to the film and brings it closer to the audience with his beautiful music. “We didn"t expect anything on that scale of the success of this movie. I am grateful about this recognition; it fills me with pride. I feel strong to continue making music and working in the film industry,” says Bource in a Jazz FM interview by Tanya Ivanova and Svetoslav Nikolov.Since the premiere of the film, Ludovic Bource has triumphed with a Golden Globe, a BAFTA Award, The European Film Award, The Critics" Choice Award, The Boston Society of Film Critics Award and many others. For his work he is also nominated for The Oscar and The Cesar awards that by the time the interview was conducted are still to be decided on.Here you can listen to the interview with Ludovic Bource.