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Christian McBride gives his best for the audience, all the time. “It’s my job to always try to inspire people as best as I can,” he said on Jazz FM

The responsibility of the musician? “My reposnibility is to play as best as I possibly can at all times. It’s my job to always try to inspire people as best as I can,” said Christian McBride in a Jazz FM interview. He described music as a language to communicate with people: “I would like to learn as many different languages as I can, so I can communicate with people. It’s my hunger for knowledge that makes me want to play with a lot of different people across different genres.” Currently on his wish list: to play with Gladys Knight.

  • You can listen to Tanya Ivanova’s interview with Christian McBride using the Audio button.

Having just won his fifth Grammy Award for best improvised jazz solo, Christian McBride is coming to Sofia with his trio for a concert at the Sofia Live Club. The event is part of the Club Music Jam programme, presented by Sofia Music Enterprises. Jazz FM is the exclusive media partner.