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David Berkman: “Sometimes music can be about a specific thing but usually music is about itself”

Loved musician and music professor, David Berkman was in Bulgaria for a series of concerts and workshops by the invitation of the Groove Atelier Foundation with the support of the US Embassy in Bulgaria.

“I would say music is a kind of architecture – internal and abstract. If you put something here, you have a piece, and then you can put something there and see what will happen. Ok, now it’s changed and I can change it again and because we’re improvising, we’re always reacting in the moment. So I think of it as pieces. And then, of course, there is this kind of spiritual thing – what kind of headspace are you in or what’s happening mentally. So, you’re just in a state of reaction and dancing around with these elements. That’s what it feels like to me. Sometimes music can be about a specific thing but usually music is about itself,” David Berkman described his approach to music.

  • Using the Audio button you can listen to Iva Genova’s interview with David Berkman.

The photo captures a moment from the workshops in Sofia. Source: the Groove Atelier Foundation Facebook page