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Donny McCaslin: “I want the feeling of our music to be uplifting, inspirational and full of love”

Feel the ground you have your feet upon, explore the beautiful landscape and move forward. Donny McCaslin’s art is a lesson to that. He started with acoustic music, explored the possibilities electronic instruments give to make his expression richer and just started making use of them. All of this involves a lot of interaction that makes art (and life) so much more interesting and meaningful: “Ultimately, I want the feeling of our music to be uplifting, inspirational and full of love. I want people to feel the passion we have for music and the way we listen and interact with each other – it is a very collaborative dynamic we have in the group. That’s where a lot of the magic of improvised music happens – when you are in conversation with the other musicians, when we are listening and playing together.” – Donny McCaslin said on Jazz FM.

He described his work with David Bowie on the legend’s last album “Blackstar” as inspiring and as an affirming experience: “He encouraged us to try anything that we heard and it was just such a creative environment to work in.” They had the amazing three weeks to create art together – to discuss, explore and give the world the best.

That was a fateful meeting, that the band’s constant impulse to move forward brought about: “What we do is exploring the intersection between improvisation and electronic music. I think he liked that, as we are a progressive band. We are pushing the boundaries musically, I think he was attracted to that.

For us, artists of our own lives, Donny McCaslin’s words are a guidance. You can listen to Jazz FM’s interview with the inspiring musician using the “Audio” button.

Donny McCaslin is at the Plovdiv Jazz Fest tonight.