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Exploring a whole new world, violinist Joshua Bell tells stories with his music

“Music is there to tell a story and to reach inside ourselves” – that is the credo that gives Joshua Bell the meaning of his art. One of the most warmly loved, sensationally popular and best-selling artists of our time, Joshua Bell comes to Bulgaria for his first concert here with the Classic FM Orchestra. Conducted by Maxim Eshkenazy, he will enchant us with his interpretation of Tchaikovsky"s violin concerto. Talented performer, dedicated teacher and enthusiastic Musical Director of the Academy Of St Martin in the Fields, Joshua Bell shows his soul to the aduience, believing that a musician should be open and sincere, with nothing artificial in his expression. “The most important thing if you want to bring music to the people"s hearts is that it first of all has to come from your own heart. That means that you have to be completely honest and open with your own self and in touch with your own feelings,” says Joshua Bell. Here you can listen to the interview with the musician, taken by Svetoslav Nikolov in partnership with colleagues from Classic FM and Cantus Firmus.