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Free flight in music – Martin Strathausen is the inspired producer of Tape Five

Freedom leads the German band Tape Five in their music journeys across American and Brazilian traditions, laying them out on the canvass of European perception. The best of the traditions and the newest from the future – the musicians are innovators on the solid foundations of quality music of the first half of the XXth century. Their new inspiration is electroswing – and they express their love for it on their two latest albums – Tonight Josephine (2009) and Swing Patrol (2012). “The original swing is clever, sophisticated and also good for dancing. And its a bit dirty, but in a non-destructive way,” explains producer Martin Strathausen. His best idea for a song is that it is good for ears and feet, having content in the composition, not only some rhythm. Here you can listen to Svetoslav Nikolov"s winterview with the musician.