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FSB – the music, the story, the philosophy. Daniela Kuzmanova tells about the fortune of the band

They brought modernity into Bulgarian music, when the establishment supported symphony pop. They were symbols of freedom. Their songs were the background of our falling in love. For 35 years now FSB are legends with dozens of songs closely connected with our emotions and lives.Hardly anyone can today imagine Bulgarian culture and themselves without the music of Formation Studio Balkanton. What was their road? Svetoslav Nikolov interviews Daniela Kuzmanova. Herself part of this fairy-tale with the moving lyrics to their songs, Daniela Kuzmanova describes in her book A Lifetime Is Not Enough To Live With The Music Of FSB (Contrapunkti Publishing) the fateful events in the history of the band through their value system. You can listen to the interview here.Illustration – fragment of the cover of the book. Art design – Nikolai Pekarev, author of the covers of almost all FSB albums.