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Giving each other happiness. Brazz Association is now in its 5th year

The brass sound, before it comes out of the instrument, passes by the heart of the musician. This is how trombone player Vili Stoyanov explains the magical attraction that the sound of the brass instruments holds. He and trumpet player Misho Yosifov were in the Jazz FM studio to talk about the milestones of development of Brazz Association through the years. The culmination is the BraZZoBrazZZie Festival this weekend at the Sofia Live Club.In the beginning 4 years ago, there was the big band that twice was part of Jazz FM"s Sofia Jazz Peak Festival – with De Phazz and the Bulgarian jazz vocalists Camellia Todorova, Hilda Kazasyan, Petar Salchev, Vassil Petrov and Maria Ilieva. There are about ten bands that have sprung up from the Brazz Association platform since then. “What is very important to me about Brazz Association is that we try to do something that will make us feel well and live well in Bulgaria,” says Misho Yosifov. Here you can listen to Svetoslav Nikolov"s interview with the two musicians.