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How the variety of different music influences made “Belleruche”

How the richness of music influences makes Belleruche"s music so exciting and fresh, the three members of the band – Kathrin DeBoer, Ricky Fabulous and DJ Modest – revealed in a Jazz FM interview. They were in our studio on the eve of their first concert in Bulgaria, several months after the release of the latest album 270 Stories. Belleruche set up a record for their label Tru Thoughts Records when their first CD Turntable Soul Music in 2007 became the fastest selling debut album in the history of the company. Now the three musicians draw inspiration from their travels, and Kathrin is mastering her Bulgarian in order to stamp her Sofia impressions on the new song of the band. Here you can listen to Tanya Ivanova"s interview with the members of Belleruche:Part onePart two