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Hristo Yotsov gives pleasure and meaning with his Quintet’s new album “Jazzball”

Beauty, romance and lightness of sharing music make Hristo Yotsov Quintet’s new album Jazzball stand out. He gives pleasure and meaning with his talent to speak softly and say a lot. Drawing parallels between playing jazz and playing games and sports, Yotsov said in this interview by Svetoslav Nikolov: “You need a team, you get to practice a lot, you dedicate yourself and fair play is the rule – which means giving your trust and respect to the musicians you work with.” The album cover symbolically exposes Hristo Yotsov’s love for tennis that he gave up on to become a musician. The music has this magic that will, as a snow ball, move Bulgarian jazz forward and earn it many new admirers. Here you can listen to Svetoslav Nikolov’s interview with Hristo Yotsov sharing the strength and optimism of Jazzball.