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Iyeoka: “The people are the real vehicle of jazz”

It is the people who give jazz its energy. “It’s a really creative art form. You have to dig deep to understand the gift that we have with the expression of jazz. There’s a lot of improvisation that comes with jazz, and that’s unique. More unique than in any other genre”, says Iyeoka in this Jazz FM interview. She believes that sounds have a lot of power. Her name in her native language means “I want to be respected”. “This is a nice mantra”, says Iyeoka, adding that she feels blessed to have this name. “I believe that we should respect each other”, adds the singer on this interview by Jazz FM’s Emil Voinikov. You can listen to it, using the Audio button above. Iyeoka takes the stage at the Bansko Jazz Festival on the 11th of August.

Iyeoka’s music for listening, understanding and dancing: to go back to the interview that Iyeoka gave to Jazz FM’s Tanya Ivanova and Svetoslav Nikolov, please press here.