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Jackie Kay, author of “Trumpet”: “This is a book about love, change and faith”

Scottish writer Jackie Kay is known to the Bulgarian public through her novel Trumpet – her prose debut. The novel was published 10 years ago, but reached its Bulgarian readers in 2010. Ttumpet is inspired by the true story of pianist Billy Tipton who shocked the world after his death when it turned out, that he, in fact, is a woman. Tipton was survived by a wife and three sons who have not even suspected about this carefully kept secret.Trumpet is the winner of the Guardian Fiction Prize. The Scottish writer of African descent has many other literary recognitions, among them – the Somerset Maugham Award for her book of poems Other Lovers (1994). Kay is author of poems, novels, short stories. She is a great fan of jazz music and says that jazz has influenced her even more than many of the books she has read. What she shares about her excellent novel Trumpet, about music and about love, that goes hand in hand with change and faith – you will find out in this interview by Jazz FM"s Tanya Ivanova.