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Jason Moran and the Art of Telling Stories with Music, Images and Moods

“The Sound Will Tell You” is the title of the album that Jason Moran presented at the very beginning of 2021. This is the third solo piano recording in the discography of the musician. On a Jazz FM interview he says that he finally achieves a focus on melody, mood and story. "I think this is maybe the first solo piano record that truly comes out of the moment the world was trying to live through,“ he told us.

Summon a Sound

As with other artists, the current situation leaves an imprint on his personal world and his art. The crisis has stopped the tours and prevented the musicians from meeting their audience. Moran goes through these times of difficulties by composing, painting and reading novels by Tony Morrison. The release of “The Sound Will Tell You” was accompanied by an exhibition of his drawings on paper at the Luhring Augustine Gallery in Tribeca, NY, this January.

Bathing The Room with Blues

“I was really making those works because I wasn’t playing any concerts. I kept my hands on the piano by making these drawings. They were kind of ghost concerts, concerts that never happened,” Jason Moran tells Jazz FM.

These Storms are Ancestral

With his drawings and the music from the album “The Sound Will Tell You” Jason brings us closer to his beautiful art and presents more sides of his multifaceted talent.

Photo from the exhibition “The Sound Will Tell You”

  • You can listen to Tanya Ivanova’s interview with the American pianist, composer and visual artist using the “Audio” button.

Photo from the exhibition “The Sound Will Tell You”

We thank Jason Moran for the photos in this article. Author of the title photography: Ari Marcopoulos.

“The Sound Will Tell You” on Bandcamp: