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Jazz Denmark: Caecilie Norby and Jacob Haagendal From JazzDenmark

The first lady of Danish jazz Caecilie Norby presented an unforgettable concert at Bulgaria’s Sofia Live Club in the first event of the Danish Jazz Nights in Bulgaria project. Tanya Ivanova talks to her about the melancholy of her music and about the bridges she builds to unite jazz and rock, and, more recently - jazz and classical music. After the interview Caecilie Norby’s upcoming album Arabesque had its world premiere on Jazz FM. You can listen to the interview here. The Danish Jazz Nights in Bulgaria project was presented by Jacob Haagendal, manager of JazzDenmark. You can listen to Tanya Ivanova’s interview here. The Danish Jazz Nights in Bulgaria initiative is organised by JazzDenmark, the Royal Danish Embassy in Sofia and Danish business ventures in Bulgaria.