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Jazz FM is the soundtrack of their lives: Maya Novoselska, Marian Bachev and Alek Popov celebrate Jazz FM’s 12th birthday with us

Jazz is freedom, comfort and friendship, Jazz FM is the soundtrack of their lives: actors Maya Novoselska and Marian Bachev and writer Alek Popov celebrate Jazz FM"s 12th birthday in our studio, sharing their jazz emotions with our listeners. Svetoslav Nikolov also talks to them about the city we love – Sofia, celebrating its special day today. Great Bulgarian jazz musician Rumen Toskov – Rupeto was born on this day. He passed away 10 years ago but his music continues to warmly caress us. In partnership with his family Jazz FM broadcasted some of his unreleased recordings for the first time. You can listen to them in the interview with Maya Novoselska who fondly recollects beautiful moments of their working together.You can listen to Maya Novoselska"s interview here.You can listen to Marian Bachev"s interview here.You can listen to Alek Popov"s interview here.