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Like children from a period in which anything can happen – Kraak & Smaak

“It all starts with good songs. We have a lot of energy going on on stage, high tempo and good light show.” That is how Wim Plug from the ingenious Dutch band Kraak & Smaak explains what is needed to make people all over the world dance. The musician was interviewed on Jazz FM only a couple of days after the release of the band’s latest album Electric Hustle. What promises does this album make for the future of Kraak & Smaak, how and why funk music of the 70s is the basis of their modern songs, what is most important from the legacy of the great masters of that period, why does it always feels like starting all over again? You can listen to Svetoslav Nikolov’s interview with Wim Plug from Kraak & Smaak here. The band will play at the Sozopol Fest – July Morning at the Gradina camping at the Black Sea coast on the night welcoming the dawn of the first morning of July, together with Incognito, Jazznova and many others.