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Lisa Stansfield on the soul of music: “I tell stories to make people happy”

Lisa Stansfield believes in the power of music to open our souls to our most precious emotions – to get in touch with them, to openly express them. “When I write music, I describe emotions more than anything”, she said in a Jazz FM interview. For 34 years now she has been our companion in a world of beauty, harmony and dance with her songs and the goodness in her voice. The key to her approach to music is spontaneity – she never plans in advance and loves to give songs what they need. In this most wonderful moment of all Lisa Stansfield sees us stopping for a moment and looking at the people around us. Earth, she believes, will be a better place if we stop letting complete mental idiots run the world. Lisa Stansfield is not bothered by the pace of time – just the opposite – answering our questions just two days before her birthday on the 11th of April, she feels that the passing of time is a stimulus for us to continue forward with fresh strength: “Time is going forward and we should be going forward with it”, she said.

You can listen to this interview with Lisa Stansfield by Jazz FM’s Svetoslav Nikolov and Tanya Ivanova using the Audio button above. Her first concert in Bulgaria is on the 1st of June at Hall 1 of The National Palace of Culture in Sofia.