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Love & Us

Love requires attention and nurturing. We are often reckless enough to take it for granted – and then we are bound to lose the person we love. These are wisdoms of life that we well know. Sometimes we are guided by them, at other times we neglect them. This is why it is so important when an excellent move reminds them to us with a brilliant story and a lot of love! This is the German “Alle Anderen” (“Everyone Else”) from the 14th Sofia Film Fest. The film is not embarrassed to explicitly show the emotional and the physical aspects of love, just to prove how sincere it is in every respect. This element is also a part of the film’s success – measured not only by the box office, but also by the prestigious awards it has so far earned, among them – two Silver Bears (Jury Grand Prix and for best actress). Here you can listen to Svetoslav Nikolov’s interview with the film’s producer Janine Jackowski.