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Lura sings about love and life: “The people of Cape Verde are happy because they want to be happy! We love life, love music, love to dance!”

The people of Cape Verde love to be happy, they love their country – and the beauty of these feelings touches us with the music of Lura. Born in Portugal, of Caboverdian descent, she chose to live in this young country – and had been singing about its charm since 1996. When we listen to Lura’s music we can see far away and deep inside. When she sings, she has the views and the happy people of Cape Verde in front of her eyes. “We are happy just because we want to be happy. Sometimes people do not have everything to live but they always have the feeling of hope. We are people with hope in the heart. People want to be happy! Capeverdian people are optimist,” said Lura in a Jazz FM interview. And adds: “We love life, we love to dace, love music. We have the sun every day, so we have already a good reasons to smile!” You can listen to the interview by Svetoslav Nikolov using the Audio button.

Lura bases her music on the Capeverdian tradition, adding nuances from the culture of her native Portugal and ethno influences from Afica, and then polishes it with a Western R’n’B touch. She has released six albums, the latest of which – Herança (Heritage) is about the music treasure trove of Cape Verde – place of joy but also of quiet sadness – sodade; however – always a place of beauty. She has three special guests on her 2015 album – Richard Bona – yet another person who has fallen in love with Cape Verde and its people, the Brazilian ethno musician Naná Vasconcelos and the new star on the Capeverdian music horizon – Elida Almeida. Art has already met Lura with Cesaria Evora, Carlos Saura (she sings in his film Fados), and Tito Paris – always ready to tell a good funny story.

Her new songs and some of the audience’s favourites from the past Lura will sing with her new band, led by long-time musical director Toy Vieira, at the Sofia Live Club on 23rd January. She will be in Bulgaria on the invitation of Sofia Music Enterprises for the Club Music Jam programme that also includes concerts by Jamison Ross (12th February) and Christian McBride (7th March). Jazz FM is exclusive media partner.