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Mario Biondi: “The spirit of the music guides me in the way my heart can do”

Welcome to this modern city – lively, exciting, full of variety. This is the image in front of our eyes when we listen to the songs of Mario Biondi. “The music is the ambience where the people can show their own character,” says the singer about the cosmopolitan city. Although we look like “small ants” in our overwhelming surroundings, we are capable of achieving so much: “We can fix a lot of things in this world,” encourages us the singer, wishing that we all get together to clean the Earth. He sadly notes that we hide the beauty arounds us behind mountains of plastic. And even more do we litter – our souls. “I wish that people want to collaborate with each other for having a very clean world – not only from trash, but also from bad things and bad thoughts.” – Mario Biondi shows us the way. How do his beautiful songs come to live? “The spirit of the music guides me in the way my heart can do.”

You can listen to the interview by Jazz FM’s Svetoslav Nikolov with Mario Biondi by clicking here or pressing the Audio button.