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Memories of Lyuben Borisov and recordings from his personal archive for the first time on Jazz FM

Recordings from the personal archive of the legendary Bulgarian bass player Lyuben Borisov we presented for the first time on Jazz FM on the day when we pay our last respects to the musician. Ivan Minchev talks about Lyuben Borisov"s legacy and presents two pieces performed by Jazz Focus`65 on their first concert, held on 15 May 1966 at The Bulgaria Hall. A few months later the quartet was to become the only Bulgarian jazz band with The Critics` Award from the Montreux Jazz Festival. Jazz Focus`65 have had only three official concerts in Bulgaria and over 100 abroad. On this interview by Svetoslav Nikolov Ivan Minchev remembers that the last concert appearance of Lyuben Borisov was in the tribute concert to Radoy Ralin in the programme of the 2005 Sofia Jazz Peak Festival, organized by Jazz FM. Jazz Focus`65 then play as Lyuben Borisov, Krum Kalychev, Simeon Shterev and Milcho Leviev. You can listen to the interview here.