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Michaela Bokova’s “Heartcore for Africa” – music that helps and connects people

“It doesn’t really matter how far you go but when you speak to people, when you speak to the core of human, you find out that we are all just the same,” – said in a Jazz FM interview Michaela Bokova – assistant to guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel at his label “Heartcore Records”. Led by her desire to contribute, last August she travelled to Lusaka, Zambia, where she spent a month at the Mthunzi Centre for children in need. Michaela worked intensively with the kids, sharing her music experience. They recorded a song together for the benefit of setting up a music studio at the centre and for advancement of the children’s music education. The music is by Kurt Rosenwinkel, the lyrics are written by the children themselves and they perform it with two more jazz musicians – Dave Douglas (trumpet) and Aaron Parks (piano). The beautiful and full of life song "About Love" comes with this wonderful message from its title “Let’s love each other”. Inspired by Michaela Bokova’s project “Heartcore for Africa”, we talked to her about it, about working with the children in Lusaka, about her experience in Africa and about her future projects. Michaela is very motivated to achieve a new top goal for the next 10 years – and we do believe in her success, as she is led by love for music and desire to help through art. “Only people, I don’t count birds, which I love, but only people can do music and that’s what connecting us, it’s a sign of humanity and it’s something that connects,” said Michaela Bokova in this Jazz FM interview by Tanya Ivanova that you can listen to using the “Auidio” button. You can support the Heartcore for Africa project here.

The story of song "About Love"

Photo by Renato Nunes