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Mitch Frohman: “Latin music is not just for listening but also to move your body”

When you listen to his music, the body instinctively starts dancing and your soul feels as exploring an unknown and beautiful land that you would like to get to know closely. Mitch Frohman is remarkable for his mastership and for his love for life, searching – and finding, the beauty in it. “Instead of getting down about something, try to find the positive side of things and do the best you can”, is his advice. He is wise about: “Be healthy, be happy – and you"ve already won the battle of life.” As a student of greats Tito Puente and Mongo Santamaria, Mitch Frohman knows that the latin rhythm is infectious. He adds: “Latin music is not just for listening but also to move your body”. Having incorporated in it a piece of each place on our planet that he has visited, Mitch Frohman urges: “Travel as much as you can, and you will see that most people want the same thing that you and I want”. Influences from the whole world have made their imprint on the compositions in his latest album “From Daddy With Love”, that also includes an adaptation of his famous saxophone solo from the “Sex ant the City” film. In the centre of the album however are dedication and appreciation. Jazz FM"s Svetoslav Nikolov speaks to Mitch Frohman on this interview that you can listen to here.