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Mr. Moon to record solo album with friends-musicians. Pilot single “Move On” with Diana Young is about not holding on to love

After creating over 30 songs and remixes for Bulgarian and foreign artists, Mladen Dimitrov, a.k.a. Mr. Moon, embarks on a solo project. Composer, drummer and producer, Mladen has invited special friends to take part in this adventure – Miroslava Katsarova, Beloslava, Rosen Kukosharov, Dessy from Future Shock.The pilot single “Move On” stars vocalist Diana Young (Diana Mladenova). The song is about not finding the way to hold on to love – and then having to move on. “Love is all around and it is important to feel it, as it adds colour to life, gives us strength to cope with the difficulties we face”, says Diana Mladenova. “Our music is pure idea”, adds Mladen Dimitrov. Svetoslav Nikolov talks to them on this interview.