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Music about traditions, music for thought: Dimitar Bodurov on his new album “Seven Stamps”

Traditionally, jazz pianist and composer Dimitar Bodurov draws inspiration from Bulgarian music traditions. The uneven rhythm, that is also the rhythm of our lives, is a favourite of the musician who has studied and worked in The Netherlands for the past 12 years. Folklore is part of him since he was a child, having grown up with his father’s playing the trumpet at weddings. Mastering jazz in Amsterdam, Dimitar Bodurov looks back at Bulgarian music, admiring its richness. “It also has to do with nostalgia for Bulgaria and for childhood. That nostalgia, however, is not for Bulgaria in the shadow of communism, but for a modern Bulgaria”, says Dimitar Bodurov in this Jazz FM interview. “Seven Stamps” he has recorded with his trio, now in its 10th year, starring Jens Duppe (drums) and Mihail Ivanov (bass). Special guest is renowned Theodosii Spassov (kaval). At the start of their national tour, bringing “Seven Stamps” to music lovers in seven cities, Dimitar Bodurov answers Svetoslav Nikolov’s questions in this interview on Jazz FM.