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Music gives us a helping hand: “It’s really cool – music can change the world”, says jazz vocalist Lauren Desberg – a student of Gretchen Parlato

Lauren Desberg knows well how strong is the power music has over us. The talented young singer is now making her first elegant steps in a music career of a bright perspective. She was still a student when she impulsively decided to conduct an experiment proving that music has its magical way to influence our mood and physical condition. “In the music I make I’m very much thinking about how the listeners will feel and what they’ll take from it. I just hope that I can make somebody’s car ride or train ride home a little bit better”, says Lauren Desberg on this Jazz FM interview.

Her first songs sound as if she outlines frontiers she will explore beyond. Lauren Desberg elaborates her art, led by one of the most outstanding contemporary jazz vocalists – Gretchen Parlato. They met at the Los Angeles School of Music where Lauren is a student and Gretchen, its graduate, gives master classes. The two record the duet You Go To My Head for Desberg’s debut EP Sideways (2012), produced by Parlato. The young vocalist is so grateful to her mentor: “She was guiding me, and was so kind and giving”.

Two years later, having further mastered academically the art of music and having spent countless hours listening to outstanding live jazz performances, Lauren Desberg is about to share with us her first full-length album. It is the result of her newly discovered passion for playing the guitar that encourages her to compose. Lauren describes this amazing life-changing feeling: “I started writing songs. I had always made up a little motif, but I never wrote full songs. Doing that changed me. Now I can create something that is me. It is me, exposed.” The three original songs on the album are about drugs as a social problem, about the knowledge that you have the power to do whatever you want and... about love. “Music can change the world. It has. So…” – these are the words of happiness that Lauren Desberg leaves us with on this Jazz FM interview by Miroslava Katsarova and Svetoslav Nikolov.

  • You can listen to the interview using the Audio button above. We feature the music of Lauren Desberg and Gretchen Parlato on the new edition of our Singin’ & Swingin’ programme.