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Music is her life. And in her music she tells the stories of the people who paved the way. China Moses speaks on Jazz FM

Brought up in love for music – her mother is the dedicated singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, China Moses has music as the centre of her life and feels so very strongly connected to the legacy of jazz and blues greats. “I love the stories of the people who have paved the way and I believe it’s important to tell them”, says China Moses on this interview by Jazz FM’s Emil Voinikov. Her latest album is the 2012 release Crazy Blues that further blurs the line between jazz and blues. Speaking on Jazz FM, the singer describes this division as unnatural. Having recorded Crazy Blues with her long-time collaborator – pianist Raphael Lemonnier, the two will share the stage at the Bansko Jazz Festival on 9 August, and Bulgarian sax player Atanas Hadzhiev will be a member of her band. You can listen to the interview with China Moses using the Audio button above.