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Old love. Kalin Velyov and his funk songs on “Two Faces”

So much loved by Kalin Velyov, funk music is celebrated on his new album Dve Litsa (Two Faces) (KV Productions). The live premiere of the CD was on 18 April 2011 at the Sofia Live Club. Kalin Velyov shares about the emotions in these recordings, about the stories surrounding them, about the friendships and music partnerships, that have made these songs so interesting, on this interview by Jazz FM"s Svetoslav Nikolov.On 11 October the musician was back in our studio to present the new single from the album – the title track Dve Litsa (Two Faces), as well as the video to the song. On this interview he tells more about Tumbaito"s new project to breathe life into Bulgarian hit songs from the past half a century. You can listen to Svetoslav Nikolov"s interview here.