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Omara Portuondo – music with the joy of life and the optimism

“In our music, you will discover the joy of life, the optimism and the will to be human beings foremost. It is defined by the warmth that our people and our culuture can bring to you,” says the grand lady of Cuban music Omara Portuondo in a Jazz FM interview about her music together with The Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra. Classic FM"s Georgi Mitov talks with the Queen of Feeling about her connection with Bulgaria and about all the significant events that have marked her exceptional career. Here you can listen to the interview in Spanish with Omara Portuondo, who believes that sometimes it is only a song that is needed to overcome a difficulty. Omara and The Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra perform in Bulgaria on 22 July 2011 on the invitation of Loud Concerts and Jazz FM.