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Ray Dorset, aka Mungo Jerry: “I pick up on the movement of the audience and work out what they would enjoy”

“I like to read the audience, I watch their reaction and pick up on their movement – and try and work out the kind of things that they enjoy mentally and physically,” defines Ray Dorset the power of influence of the music he has been making for almost half a century. Jazz FM’s Emil Voinikov talks to him a few days before he opens the new edition of the Bansko Jazz Festival. On this interview Ray Dorset goes back to the roots of the band to make it clear – Colin Earl was not the founder or a co-founder of Mungo Jerry. Earl has even tried to throw him out of the band. But then the management and the producer realized that the promoters would be asking: “Where is Mungo Jerry?”. As a result, Ray Dorset was “christened” this way as an artist-performer, and the songs he continued writing under his real name.

You can listen to Emil Voinikov’s interview with Ray Dorset, aka Mungo Jerry, using the Audio button.