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Roberto Fonseca on his music that just makes people happy

“I really love music! It gives me life, the strength to keep going. Music is my life and my life is music,” says Roberto Fonseca on Jazz FM. He is thankful to his family that it had exposed him to all styles and this is why he feels so comfortable with any music.

Roberto Fonseca gives the audience love and gets love back – that fills him with power to continue composing and performing. Has has also enjoyed the love and support of “Buena Vista Social Club” at the start of his career: “For me it was very important to join the band for different reasons. First and most important: the music. When I joined the band, I felt like I was getting into the real school of traditional Cuban music. I was playing with Ibrahim Ferer, with Omara Portuondo, but at the same time I was having a lot of support, a lot of love from them. From that time, my life changed.”

Roberto Fonseca encourages us to love whole-heartedly and to believe in perfection – it only seems impossible to acheve, yet his music is a proof of its existence. That is music that just never ends…

  • You can listen to Svetoslav Nikolov’s interview with Roberto Fonseca using the “Audio” button.