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Scott Kinsey of “Human Element”: “Music is like a journey – it can be fraught with peril or it can be the most beautiful thing”

Bright individualities and harmonious completeness – this is what “Human Element” is all about. “It’s like a little magic. The second we start playing, something just happens and gets ignited…” – explains Scott Kinsey on Jazz FM about the fateful decision that he, Matthew Garrison, Arto Tunçboyaciyan and Gary Novak form the band. On the source of vitality of their musc he adds: “There is unpreduictability about this band. Gary plays with a great deal of excitement, you just never know what Matthew is gonna give you, and Arto on his drums is melody.” They are like brothers, they make music as a family as Scott Kinsey specifically outlines later in our conversation about the pleasures of being in this band.

You can listen to Svetoslav Nikolov’s interview with Scott Kinsey using the Audio button.