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Smoove – music as a lifestyle

To the British producer, musician and DJ Smoove, also known as The Vinly of the Future, music is a lifestyle, and his work with singer Turrell – love from first sight. That’s what he shared in an interview with Jazz FM’s Tanya Ivanova, after he made Sofia dance.Smoove knows how to please die-hard funk fans, as well as those seeking new sounds in electronic music, breakbeat and hip-hop. Smoove is among the few DJs that know how to masterfully mix the old and the new. His parties in the UK and in Germany are extended by a tour promoting his debut album Dead Men’s Shirts, with the hit singles Coming Back and The Revolution Will Be Televised.Smoove’s second album was released in 2007 with the club hits B-Boy and I"m a Man, that get a heavy airplay on BBC’s Funk & Soul programme. Smoove & Turrell’s Antique Soul CD appeared in 2009 with the vocals of Turrell and the mixes of Smoove. It is an exciting mix of urban breakbeat and classic funk.