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Soul speaks to soul when Moroccan jazz artist Oum sings: “It is important to keep being touched by what I cannot do myself, but this thing can make me be better.”

Soul spoke to soul at the concert of Moroccan jazz singer Oum who presented her amazing art at the opening of the Morocco Days in Bulgaria. Born in the desert, she feels connected to her roots and sings to make the brighter future of the world come true. Through music she shares her growth, encourages the communication between people, outlines the link between what we can see and what we can feel. Us becoming better is the meaning of life, she believes.

Oum started singing when she fell in love with soulful soul and gospel music, using her voice as an instrument only, then she discovered the pleasure of performing and now she loves music as a vehicle of expression and sharing, thus contributing to the world. On this interview by Jazz FM’s Svetoslav Nikolov she talks about listening to people, treasuring every moment, and leaving ourselves being touched by what we cannot see but we feel with our souls.

Introducing the Morocco Days in Bulgaria, H.E. Ms. Latifah Aharbash, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Bulgaria, notes that cultural diversity is a strength and cultural communication is the most stable basis of understanding and development.

  • You can listen to the interviews by Svetoslav Nikolov with Oum and H.E. Ms. Latifah Aharbash using the Audio button.