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Sugar Blue: “Music is an act of love”

“Music is an act of love. It’s a joy, it’s a coming together, its an expression of passion, and peace, and power. The best way to express all these words is “love”, describes his art virtuoso harmonica player and a Grammy Award winner Sugar Blue.

“Music requires you to express yourself and let it go,” he adds reminisceing about Mick Jagger hearing him as a street musician in Paris and inviting him to join The Rolling Stones on their 1978 album Some Girls.

Sugar Blue enjoys life one day at a time: “Every morning, if you wake up – you have one more day to prove that you should be here,” he said on this interview by Jazz FM’s Svetoslav Nikolov just before his concerts at the Blagoevgrad Blues Festival and at the Sofia Live Club in the capital city.

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