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Ten Years Of Harmony On The Balkans – With The “Balkan Horses” Project

Ten years ago there were wars on the Balkans, politicians from different states bitterly argued with their colleagues, prejudices towards our neighbours were flaring, the music of the Balkan countries did something important – started and still continues to bring us closer. It was revolutionary idea in the year 2000 – for differences to unite, instead of fuel animosity. The Balkan Horses project was at the forefront of this revolution – established and whole-heartedly led by Krassi Zhelyazkov and his partners in music and in mind. Ten years later the idea of Balkan closeness is not revolutionary any more because of the change that Balkan Horses generated and constantly took part in. Having the benefit of a mission accomplished, Balkan Horses will take the stage at the Sofia Live Club on the 10th of November. You can find out more here from Svetoslav Nikolov’s interview with Krassy Zhelyazkov.