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The eternal American music in its British interpretation by Gizelle Smith

American soul music of the 1960s sounds energetic, passionate, funky and danceful in Great Britain today in the interpretation of Gizelle Smith and The Might Mocambos. Sometimes introvert and serious, it is always so great! The vocalist is interviewed by Tanya Ivanova on the eve of her first concert in Bulgaria.The songs of Gizelle Smith bear the freshness of her youth – and her ease. They are joyful and captivating, but also discussing life in the city and its darker aspects. Kenny Dope opens up the road to fame for her, by releasing her debut single Working Woman. Among her admirers stands out the name of TM Juke.Gizelle Smith presents her first concert in Bulgaria on 4 June at Sofia’s Mixtape 5 club. The exotic singer, famous as The Golden Voice of Funk, takes part in the promotion of Absolut’s new taste – Absolut Wild Tea (with the scent of black tea and white elderflower). She presents a new set with DJ Dom Severini, for whom this also is the first gig in Bulgaria. The percussions are by Benji Bouton.