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The magic of love and of fortune in Tania Maria’s life and music

The piano and the voice of Tania Maria are magical. And magic has always been a part of her life and music. Charlie Byrd was so enraptured by her art, that he sent over a cassette of her recordings to the Unites States – and that resulted in her first album for Concord. The power of her voice Tania Maria discovers when the crooner does not turn up for a ball that she and her father perform at. “I was not in this kind of art,” remembers Tania Maria in this Jazz FM interview. What is most important for her she expresses with her piano, and about the companion that the voice is, she adds: “I think it is a kind of good marriage, where singing is a woman and the piano is a man”.

Tania Maria is a legend in jazz, and we will be happy to listen to her live on the 12th of August at the Bansko Jazz Fest. What she is going to perform is just too early for her to say. This decision she makes half an hour before the concert, and after she has talked to the day: “My decision on what I am going to play is the function of this conversation with the day”.

The feeling of happiness and the sharing of love are at the heart of Tania Maria’s connection with the audience. “I play what is going to make me very happy, and I can give this to the public. What I care about is being very happy with what is going on on the stage. Important is what I can give to you and what I can receive from you. This is the magic of music. I love you! I love you a little bit, OK, but it’s a kind of love. I am very glad that you have a little bit of love for me, too. A little bit for me is big”, says Tania Maria in this interview by Jazz FM’s Emil Voinikov. You can listen to it using the Audio button above.