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The rhythm of the young generation: Otros Aires

Electrotango, that has burst on the world stage with Gotan Project’s music, goes a step further in terms of musicianship and danceful mood in the compositions of Otros Aires. The band, famous for their audio-visual shows, had its first concert in Bulgaria on 13 April 2011 at the Sofia Live Club. The gig is part of the TanguerIN programme The Music of Buenos Aires, presenting the different styles and performers of tango music from the capital city of Argentina.The Otros Aires project was conceived in 2003 by Argentinian musician and architect Miguel Di Genova, who back then worked in Barcelona. A year later the musicians are in Argentina where they record and present their first album. Their full of life and joy cool compositions are included on some of the most influential electrotango and world music compilations, including the legendary Buddha Bar.Here you can listen to what Miguel Di Genova shared about his music in a Jazz FM interview by Svetoslav Nikolov.