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The youngest ethno jazz band “Diva Reka” presents a debut CD

Diva Reka (translates as wild river) is an apt title for the music of the band – it is fresh and mountain-clean, at the same time – wise and deep. Diva Reka presented their self-titled debut CD (released by Gega New) on Jazz FM.“The music of Diva Reka is a human, music outpouring in a modern ethno style,” says Dimitar Hristov (tambura). “Young people need to know that that have an immeasurable and invaluable treasure in the form of the Bulgarian folklore that has kept our nation strong through the years,” adds Kostadin Genchev (kaval).Dimitar and Kostadin are well-known from Bulgara, the French-Bulgarian B-Project, as well as from the neo-traditional music laboratory of Global Vision Circle – Balkan Scientist DUB Project. Kostadin is also famous for his virtuoso playing at the Folklore Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio. The other members of the band are: Stela Petrova (double bass) and Petar Mitov (percussions). The Diva Reka album features guest musicians Gergana Dimitrova and Evelina Hristova from The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices and Eva Quartet, Julia Gatderova (voice), and Valentin Vassev (piano).You can listen to Svetoslav Nikolov’s interview with Dimitar Hristov and Kostadin Genchev here.