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Their music brings joy and gets people together – the members of the French brass band “Fanfare des Kadors” fill the studio of Jazz FM with music and energy

Their music brings joy. For 20 years now the French brass band Fanfare des Kadors is popular all over Europe with their full of life interpretations of songs from different genres and periods of time, songs that we all know well and love a lot. Their music with the spirit of celebration sounds on the streets of Sofia – the musicians are here to perform at the Embassy of France event on the occasion on their national holiday – Bastille Day, but their hearts, full of music, shine with beautiful sound on metro stations, in parks and on the streets of Sofia. From the 15th to the 17th of July they will perform in Sozopol, and afterwards – till the 19th – in Veliko Tyrnovo.

“We would like to get people together and give them joy, because we live in a world of hardships. We try to bring happiness in the lives of people”, said in a Jazz FM interview Philippe Angosto of Fanfare des Kadors.

The band is a family of friends. While Philippe Angosto gives the interview in the studio, the other members get their instruments ready to play. When this has been done, they wave through the glass door, smile and take photos.

The musicians of Fanfare des Kadors are in Bulgaria on the day of their country’s national holiday. What is the special relevance that Bastille Day has today? Philippe Angosto answers this question with the words: “With our music we express our hope for peace on earth. It has the power to unite the people of different countries.” And as their music feels like a celebration, Philippe Angosto points out: “Holidays are to bring people together.”

After that the many members of Fanfare des Kadors enter the studio of Jazz FM to perform two full of energy compositions. Svetoslav Nikolov’s interview with Philippe Angosto in French (Blaga Delcheva from the culture section of the French Institute in Sofia is translating), as well as the band’s performance live on air, are available to listen to through the Audio button above.