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There is no “need to” in our music – it is soul, passion and warmth: Max and Filippo of Italian electronic jazz duo Gabin talk about their latest album “Soundtrack System”

A modern collection of sounds and suggestions for an imagined film – this is how Max and Filippo of Italian electronic jazz duo Gabin describe their latest album Soundtrack System. Rich in sounds and moods, visual - it is a way for the musicians to talk about their trips in life, and for the listeners – to plan theirs. Max and Filippo use music to express what they feel, to let themselves go - in a good and a bad way, as Filippo adds, joking. Everything in life changes, but for their goal in art – they use their music to be honest. While I talk to them, it occurs to Max that they could win an Oscar if a film a director uses their music to create a beautiful visual film. You can listen to Svetoslav Nikolov’s interview at the Audio button above.