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To nourish and to bring joy to the young – the mission of the circus art as defined by one of its legends Krystyo Pyrvanov

Precision, performance, beauty and, most importantly – bravery. This is what the circus teaches youngsters, says Krystyo Pyrvanov – an eminent acrobat who believes that this art should benefit and entertain. Having started his career under the guidance of Lazar Dobrich, he has triumphed as troupe member with The Golden Clown Award from the Monte Carlo festival in 1980, six Silver Clown Awards, twelve gold medals from the world championship in London. He is founder of the Pyrvanovi troupe and is former director of the Sofia circus. The joy that the circus has brought to him has led him all along.On the eve of celebrating 115 years of the establishment of the Bulgarian circus, Svetoslav Nikolov spoke with Krystyo Pyrvanov about the mission of the circus, the mastership of the artists, the traditions we have and the way we have developed them. You can listen to the interview here.