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Victor Solf from HER: “We sing about simple things that a lot of people feel.” It's so much easier for us to fall in love...

HER sparked to prominence: their first song had 1 million views in just a few months. Yet, there were 10 years of searching for true expression before that. And the classical music training was only nurturing their music sensibility; then the seeds of jazz and soul flowered to original organic beautiful music.

HER sing about what all of us feel – when the eyes meet, the hearts flutter… Their minimalistic songs leave vast spaces for the feelings of the listeners. That is where the love of the audience comes from…

This special feeling will be generously shared on the Day of Love – with us. HER are coming to Bulgaria for the first time on the 14th of February at the Sofia Live Club to make it so much easier for us to fall in love.

Victor Solf tells is more on this interview by Jazz FM’s Svetoslav Nikolov. You can listen to it using the Audio button.

Photo by Axel Morin