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We play muysic to free our souls, says drummer Francisco Mela

The richness of life and intercultural dialogue are the essence of the music of drummer Francisco Mela in his solo projects and in his work as part of Joe Lovano"s Us Five quintet. His Afro-Cuban roots he translates in the language of modern jazz – spontaneous and boundless. His solos concentrate in a moment all time and space, to leave the listeners feeling that they have touched the essence of life. Francisco Mela is in Bulgaria for master classes with Milcho Leviev, Vicky Almazidu and Petar Slavov at The New Bulgarian University. The final production will be presented at The Sofia Live Club on 12 September. We play music to free our souls, says Francisco Mela in an interview by Jazz FM"s Svetoslav Nikolov. You can listen to it here.