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With sense of humour and optimism – production designer Kalina Ivanov

“Sense of humour and optimism can bring you success in everything,” believes production designer Kalina Ivanov. Born in Sofia, in 1979, during the height of communism, her family emigrated to the Unites States and settled in New York. Her work as production designer has lead her to a number of important films, interesting partnerships and prestigious awards. She has left her stamp on the latest Robert Redford film The Conspirator, the Oscar-nominated Little Miss Sunshine (2006) and Rabbit Hole (2010) as well as The Vow, Maid Of Honor, My Sassy Girl, Uptown Girls, Brown Sugar, Swimfan, Monday Night Mayhem, Household Saints and Smoke. Just a few days ago Kalina Ivanov finished the shooting of the comedy Gods Behaving Badly starring Cristopher Walken, John Torturo, Sharon Stonea and Alisha Silverstone. She is winner of the prestigious EMMY Award for production design (2009) and the Excellence in Production Design Award of the Art Directors Guild for the HBO television movie Grey Gardens, starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. She graduated from NYU/TSOA Design Department with honors. Ivanov also has an MFA from NYU/TSOA Graduate Film School. Kalina Ivanov is in Sofia for the second edition of the Sofia Independent Film Festival So!Independent. Here you can listen to the interview with her by Jazz FM"s Svetoslav Nikolov.